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2015 Sheep Delegation to Australia and New Zealand

Author:News    Creat time:2015-09-29 13:42
From June 8 to 21, 2015, China Sheep and Goat Association led a delegation to Australia and New Zealand for the inspection of sheep industry. Arriving in Australia and New Zealand in the early winter of South hemisphere, the team had visited breeding farm, fattening farm, slaughtering house and exhibition respectively. The visit proved very helpful and instructive.

Taking advantage of their unique grassland resources, the two Oceania countries enjoy great momentum for mutton sheep production. The potential of grassland is fully explored by growing sheep in large-scale free range, rotated pasture or small-scale fence according to their growing stages and uses, and improving the natural grassland through artificial means. Strictly following the rotated grazing system and the grassland’s herding capacity, the longevity and recovery rate of the grassland are greatly improved. Improved grassland, scientific grazing, seasonal manual feeding become special characters of sheep production in Australia and New Zealand.

The 14-day visit provided a great opportunity for the team members to exchange and know about the sheep industry in the Oceania countries. Through this visiting, the delegation has established ties with the Australian and New Zealand government, associations and enterprises, putting in place a bridge for future cooperation.  

Resource:China Animal Agriculture Association