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Guyuan Cattle Conference

Author:admin    Creat time:2015-09-25 17:12
From August 12 to 13, 2015, the Tenth (2015) China Cattle Development Conference was held in Guyuan City, Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region. Cattle experts, scholars, entrepreneurs, personage, government officials, association representatives as well as industry representatives from Australia, Canada, US, Japan and France attended the conference. More than 600 people attended the meeting.

Deputy Secretary-General Yin Chengwen presided over the conference.

Wang Zhicai, Chief Animal Husbandry Engineer of Ministry of Agriculture delivered an important speech. He introduced the status quo of the cattle industry in China, and put forward development plans and proposals. He hoped that the industry could seize the opportunity to jointly explore the development strategy of the cattle industry, make efforts to solve the following problem, ie., increasing the breeding cow stock, treating the environment pollution of scale cattle farm, providing elite breed, reversing the trend of high cost and low price, guaranteeing the food security of cattle products, stabilizing supply, building brand, establishing industry standards, facing international trade policies and promoting harmonious development of the industry. Efforts must also intensify to steadily improve the self-initiated farmer and herdsman community to build a new type of cattle trade system, which is intensive, professional, well-organized and socialized. Different types of medium-sized cattle farm are encouraged. The role of market should be given full play and local resources be used to improve the overall efficiency and market competitiveness of the cattle industry.

Mayor Ma Hancheng of Guyuan City introduced their cattle development experiences to the delegates. Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region is the province with Hui people living in compact areas. It is also an important base of commercial cattle. In 2014,Guyuan had 1,002,000 cattle and 303,000 breeding cows, which account for 42.6% and 62.7% respectively of that of the Ningxia inventory. The population of the cattle in Guyuan lays a solid foundation for Guyuan to play an important role in Ningxia beef cattle industry and also makes it more proactive in integrating into the “Once Belt and One Road” strategy. We can learn much from the “Guyuan Mode”, which emphasizes on the industrial efficiency and healthy development.

The two-day conference focuses on many hot topics, such as enterprise operation, challenge after the signing of FTA between China and Australia, interpretation of government policy on beef cattle, and cattle farming techniques. Presentations like “Cattle Farming Strategy in China” “Thought on the Sustainable Development of Beef Cattle Industry in China” and “Challenge facing the Industry after the Signing of Sino-Australia FTA” are well received by the participants.

(Resource:China Animal Agriculture Association