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Australia Agribusiness Investment Seminar-4

Author:News    Creat time:2015-09-30 13:46

Madam Yu, president of Tianjin Mengde , who has already purchase a dairy farm in Australia, shared her experience of agribusiness investment in Australia. She claimed that the best dairy product comes from the best milk source and the cattle in three of her newly-built feedlots in Tianjin all coming from Australia. She pointed out that the agriculture cost in China is 30% higher than the international average level, one third of dairy products rely on importation which means 3400 tons of dairy products will be purchased by China market by 2030 according to prediction. She thanks LETSGO team for the effort they put into this overseas transaction and their professional assistance.

Madam Yu pointed out several Key points of purchasing Australia farm.

1.     Go through formal channels instead of informal recommendation.

2.     Choose properties that located close to cities

3.     Understand both China and Australia policy before the investment

4.     Looking for assistance from renowned law firm real estate agency

5.     Fully owned the business after 2 or 3 year with the help of the former owner.