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"Lets Go to China" Agribusiness Investor (Beijing) Seminar

Author:admin    Creat time:2015-10-12 08:11

"Lets Go to China" Agribusiness Investor (Beijing) Seminar will be held in Beijing Relationship Hotel on 17th November 2015, by then, reversion and launch ceremony will be also hold.

Letsgo has strength on agribusiness focus supplemented with online promotion and offline activities including educational seminars, targeted exhibition marketing and hosted investor delegations to Australia.

The seminar will attract more than hundred Chinese investors, importers, food distributors from two important cities, Beijing, the capital of China, which is the political and cultural hub; Tianjin, which has the largest artificial deep water port in China, and it is also the fifth busiest port in the world.

Letsgo hopes Beijing seminar could give both Chinese and Australian companies a very good platform to have business communication.

Lets Go to China and Lets Go to enjoy the seminar!